All New Zealand LOGHOMES are individually designed, "one-off" unique, handcrafted homes. They incorporate the latest design techniques and contemporary comfort.

New Zealand LOGHOMES are not kit-set homes that you can re-erect on site by yourself...these are hand built by skilled craftsmen from the conceptual design right through to your exquisitely finished home ready for you to delight in living in.

Our in-house Architect will design a plan to suit your individual dream for either your private home or commercial building.

We also welcome your custom-built plans, please feel free to contact us and we can quote from your plans.

The size of your home, log cabin or building has no limits; we have constructed homes to date ranging from 69m² to over 400m².

For your building consent, we can arrange to have provided engineering stamped drawings and specifications.

Interior & Exterior

For your interior and exterior detail, we can offer any variation:

  • Flooring can be constructed in concrete or timber.
  • Roofing can be finished in Sawn Cedar Shingles, Fibreglass Shingles, Split Shakes, Coloursteel or Tiles can also be utilized.
  • Wooden Doors and Joinery are often chosen to compliment the wooden exterior, but Aluminium Joinery also works superbly.
  • Heating can be traditional or very modern; open fireplaces, central heating, solid fuel or pellet fires are just some of your choices available.
  • Ceilings can be plaster board lined or timber.
  • In fittings and surrounds, appropriate use of wood can harmonize superbly with modern appliances and conveniences while still retaining the integrity of log construction.
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