The price of your New Zealand LOGHOME is dependant on the plan, design and size of your building, but as a guide there are three categories:

Category one
is a complete price inclusive of foundations, windows and doors, interior partitions and wall linings, kitchen, shower, plumbing, electrical and roofing.

Category two
is for the log shell only with roof frame, colour steel roofing aluminium windows and exterior doors.

Category three
includes all log work re-erected on site.

The fee for Architectural Design (initial sketch design then working drawings) and Engineering Services are again subject to the type of design and size of your building.

Additional costs will include transportation of log work and materials to your site. This price will depend upon details such as location and access to your site. Also the size of the home being constructed. Resource and Building Consents are again dependent on the value of the building etc. and the appropriate council fee's. Accommodation for the Carpenters, during re-erection on your site, is also additional.

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