Here at New Zealand LOGHOMES we are grateful that our home-owners have sent us testimonials to share with you ...plese enjoy a selection below.....

"When I first approached New Zealand LOGHOMES about building my dream house Derek told me "we can do anything". This inspired me with confidence to hire them to build my house. During the whole journey from planning through building to completion, Derek and his builders were very approachable and I found they were happy to discuss and change any details to my satisfaction. At one stage we changed the shape of a dormer window three times before we had it right. Their dedication to quality and attention to detail has resulted in an impressive, unique character home which has an ageless quality and style that is a pleasure to live in. I delight in it every day".

Kate Mackenzie, Hikuai, Coromandel

"New Zealand LOGHOMES built our Log Home some years ago now and we are still over the moon with it. Our home is fantastic to live in and Derek and Lloyd captured everything in our design we were wanting - it works and flows well. Building our log home had been a dream for a long time and working with Derek and the team made it happen - stress free and uncomplicated. The workmanship is superb and visitors are surprised at its age, as it looks so youthful. They say that log homes are living and we certainly feel that our home could never be a house, as it is so homely. We can remember Derek saying that he likes to think of what his houses will look like in 100 years. At the time this struck me, as there are not many builders that have that commitment and foresight in their projects. I too, like to think of our home in many years to come - I visualize us on the deck in our rocking chairs, still in awe of the logs and craftsmanship of our home. New Zealand LOGHOMES are not builders, they are true craftsmen".

Dianne and Paul Boyack, Huntaway Lodge

"My interest in log homes began back in the late 1960's when as a young fellow, I was a fan of the TV Series Daniel Boone, who had a Log Cabin. From then on I've always wanted a rustic, natural timber home and a log home is exactly that. In 1995 I saw an ad for New Zealand LOGHOMES in Rotorua, so I went and paid them a visit. I drove into the yard where there was log work for a home near completion and ready to be dismantled and transported to its site. I instantly knew this was the type of home for me (they ooze character). I met Derek Mullooly and he showed me through the home and then took me to see his own log home and answer my thousand and one questions. He was able to answer them all and was very enthusiastic and at no time was I treated as a tyre kicker (even though I was still quite a young fellow). Knowing that choosing the type of home and building it, is one of the biggest events of your life, I wanted to get it right. Two years later I had found and procurred a site I knew would suit a log home, so I again contacted Derek, and between my ideas, his and Lloyd Dalton's (the in house designer/architect) we came up with a home I liked, so I gave them the go ahead. They built up the log work in Rotorua then re-erected it on my site at Taupo and by my choice, left me to do the finishing work. Twelve years on the home still looks great, in fact, as log homes age they look better (not like us!!). I'd just like to say I had a great time and experience dealing with the team at New Zealand LOGHOMES and they honored their side of the contract in full and paid a lot of attention to the finer details. Thanks for the great job and the journey".

Peter Avery, Taupo

"New Zealand LOGHOMES built Waihou Lodge for me in late 2006. The tourist lodge - built from whole logs - is warm and dry in winter, cool and dry in summer, and has the atmosphere of warmth, natural beauty and solid permanence I was looking for. From my experience, New Zealand LOGHOMES have proved themselves to be a dedicated, skilled and passionate group of craftsmen, who have created a lodge which has exceeded my expectation in every regard. For anyone wanting a home with unique timeless character, delivered with experience and attention to detail, I have no hesitation in recommending New Zealand LOGHOMES".

Brendon Lee, Waihou Lodge, Tirau

"New Zealand LOGHOMES built our home in 2006. We always dreamed of building a Log House and are extremely pleased with the finished result. Derek and his team are highly professional and their work is of a very high standard. The project with New Zealand LOGHOMES was seamless and stress free. We have ended up with a fine home that will stand the test of time and is something we are very proud of. New Zealand LOGHOMES have a unique product and we would thoroughly recommend them to anyone wanting a Log Home or similar. Thank you Derek and your wonderful team for building our home".

Christine Rogerson , Oratia , Auckland

"In 2002 my friend James and I did a log home building course, with the intention of building a log house on my fifteen acre Tuki Tuki riverside block. During the course, we both realized the daunting task we had set ourselves. We built a shed on sight to live in and proceeded to plan the building of our log home. We visited about twenty-five log homes throughout New Zealand, listening to the individual stories of their log homes being either professionally built or self built as I had intended to do. We photographed all the houses, read a hundred American magazines and looked at six hundred and sixty six floor plans. The shed walls and floor became the sorting area with the preferred log buildings taking up the center region. Once we realized the grandeur of the American mansions were really not what we wanted, those photos became the framework of our seriously preferred houses. It was then we realized three of our four favorites were designed and built by New Zealand LOGHOMES in Rotorua. The visit to Derek's yard and some more log houses in the region, convinced us there was no way we could get close to matching the craftsmanship of Derek's team of professionals. The dream, or possible nightmare, of building my own home reluctantly gave way to sanity and we signed the contract for New Zealand LOGHOMES to realize our vision, which they skillfully did. We have been living in our Log Mansion for over a year now and could not be happier or more proud of our decision. There has been no sickness in the family since moving into the house, the kids seem to have missed out on the usual flu's, coughs and colds that do the rounds at primary schools. We heard the same from many families with Log Dwellings and put it down to the way the logs collect and disperse moisture. Thank you to all at New Zealand LOGHOMES".

Hamish and Debbie Warren, Havelock

"We chose to build a Log Home because of the unique look it would create for our beach home at Matarangi, and for the warm feeling they give you when inside, thereby choosing Derek and his team at New Zealand LOGHOMES of Rotorua, to build it. After initial consultation with Derek and his architect Lloyd, we felt comfortable our design could be achieved, a very open plan to give that beach atmosphere. A few months down the track and a few more consultations, work began on our home in their Rotorua yard. We had the opportunity to visit two or three times while building was in progress and were always made welcome by staff. Once ready to dismantle and transport to our beach site for re-erection, consultations and time planning were very good. Their supplied crane on site for two to three months drew a lot of attention to our home. Numerous visitors stopped by to see work in progress and were very interested in its uniqueness. While staying on site, foreman Mike and his crew became like family to us, with many a meal and card game shared. Mike was very organized and work went to plan. Building our dream home was finally becoming a reality to Kevin, myself and our children Donna and Brad. The final result - absolutely fantastic. We have had many a friend stay in our home with us, all with wonderful comments about our home. We recommend if you are thinking of building a loghome anytime in the future, to contact Derek at New Zealand LOGHOMES in Rotorua, and you are always welcome to call us at anytime.

Debbie and Kevin Gould , Paeroa

"After we decided to build a new house on our farm, we knew it had to be something special with a bit of character. Seeing a Log Home in Cambridge we knew that was what we wanted, not just a house, it had to be a family home. We didn't want to muck around and got stuck into it. We heard about Derek's yard and had a look at a few houses he had built, and were very impressed. Luckily Derek could fit us in quickly. Building a Log Home is a major project, but Mike and his team are very skilled. They take a lot of pride in their work and we are very happy with the end result. After five years we are still enjoying the house very much, people will stop on the roadside to have a peek. We found it a pleasure to work with Derek and his team".

John and Lea Woutersen, Cambridge

"A few years ago after extensive research into Log Houses in New Zealand, we made the decision to allow Derek Mullooly of New Zealand LOGHOMES to build our dream home. The team from New Zealand LOGHOMES set about and built a totally UNIQUE Log Home, with collective inspiration from both their own personal experiences and our original interpretation. The team and their individual contributions were the most important process; right from design, through construction to the finished product, the end result is our home is more unique than we initially envisaged or could have conceived. A hundred years ago, hard individual work and co-operation was the mark of the pioneering spirit...we're happy to say this is still alive today in the work and interpretation from the team at New Zealand LOGHOMES. Our LOGHOME is a magnificent, warm, friendly environment and is always open for viewing, to anyone who has a similar dream to create a home much as our ancestors would have done. The team at New Zealand LOGHOMES epitomizes that spirit and work ethos with their twenty-first century hand crafted LOGHOMES and achievements. We wish you the best of luck for the future.

Bob Burns and Elaine Appleton , Hunua, Auckland

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